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"Although there are many companies selling weld on brackets for axle conversions, only Mountain Off-Road Engineering (M.O.R.E) makes theirs specifically for the 8.8s huge tubes. Therefore no grinding is necessary to get them to fit. As we are using the Rock Krawler axle truss due to our triangulated rear suspension we don't need the upper CA mounts or trackbar mounts. M.O.R.E is happy to sell you only the brackets you need. "

"Long story short, without the M.O.R.E. skid plates we quipped our 2013 JK with, we wouldn’t have made it home! We put these plates through some serious abuse at the Easter Jeep Safari for a solid week of rock crawling, and these plates took every second of it with ease. Hugh thank you to M.O.R.E. for awesome products you can’t survive without!"

Wesley Selman
Social Media Manager, Bully Dog

"After installation of the Shackle Reversal Kit, we took the jeep out for a test drive. A medium-speed drive down a washed out road was no longer a thrill ride! I can now control the jeep on washboards and the front end feels planted on the road. Off-road and in the rocks the Jeep feels smoother and compresses the front end much easier. I also gained an additional 1.5 inches of suspension droop, but am told this is not always gained with every Jeep. The truly amazing result of this kit is the highway and city driving. The Jeep now feels totally different, no darting, jolting or wandering when I hit a bump. In my opinion, this kit is the single best handling improvement you will ever make to your Jeep, both on road and off!"

Owner, 4x4review

"Turning those nasty meats while pinned up against a rock ledge or crawling through a boulder field creates enormous amounts of stress on the stock brackets and bolts used to hold the steering box to the frame. Eventually one of a few things will begin to happen, the bolts will work loose, the frame will crack, or the mounting plates will flex and break. All of these problems can be avoided with a simple, inexpensive steering box brace from Mountain Off- Road Enterprises. Simple, easy and worth every penny! Invest a few minutes and dollars now, or a few hours and a few hundred dollars later. "

Owner, 4x4review

"I have had my Hide-A-Step on for over a year, including a salty nasty Canadian winter. I have never taken it off for off roading, despite it having quick releases for just such a removal. This thing has taken a beating, and I would call my treatment "abuse". Not even the rubber isolators have failed. There isn't a SPECK of surface rust. Nothing. I was shocked after washing the winter salt off. It does not stick open. It does not stick closed, even in the winter. A minor squeak fixed with a bit of lube is literally the biggest "issue" I have had, if you can even call it that. Bottom line: If you need a step for your Jeep, you have just found your step. You shouldn't even consider anything else."

Brian V.
M.O.R.E. Customer

"I’d known that my driver-side motor mount has been torn for about a year, I’d just never got around to replacing it because it really hadn’t caused any problems. But with a trip to Las Cruces coming up at the end of February, I figured it might be time to finally get around to replacing the busted mount. I decided to go with a set of Torsion Rubber motor mounts from Mountain Off-Road Enterprises because I didn’t want the additional vibrations associated with poly mounts and because MORE’s motor mounts have a reputation for being about the best on the market."


"If like me you own a JK with an automatic transmission, you probably find there is no comfortable place to rest your left foot while driving. This install fits into one of those, "Why didn't Jeep think of this one?" categories. Mountain Off Road Enterprises has come up with an inexpensive, super-easy-to-install solution that I think will suddenly be on everyone's wish list...assuming they have an automatic. Following is the super easy install that took me all of about 5 minutes...including stopping to take pictures"

"If there were a single product that I had to give a Best in Show award to, it would definitely have to be the all new M.O.R.E. Freedom Top storage unit. Funtional, easy to use and available at an affordable price point, this storage unit is compact in design and will allow you to safely remove and store your Freedom Top panels safely and securely in the back of your JK and without risk of damage to them even when off roading. In the upright position, you still retain a significant amount of storage space and in the down position, it’s steel construction allows you to carry all your cargo on top of it. "

Project J-K

"I decided to get M.O.R.E.'s Bombproof motor mounts because they are made torsion rubber bushings. Unlike polyurethane bushings (like most other manufacturers use), torsion rubber is very durable but still behaves like traditional rubber (i.e. no engine vibes)."

"Another thing that makes this swap easy is the fact that M.O.R.E. offers several kits to install this axle in a Jeep YJ/XJ/TJ. The one includes all the mounting hardware and spring plates, and another includes new e-brake cables that will hook up properly at both ends. I emailed M.O.R.E. several times when planning this swap, and they were always quick to reply with detailed answers to my questions. Great folks."

"The install seemed pretty simple up front so I got started. I had installed a body lift earlier that day and just lef the fan shroud loose in anticipation of installing the MML. At about 10 minutes into the install I started to get nervous...concerned, thinking "what'd I get myself into here!" But forging forward it all worked out and it was easier than I thought. Having a second person would be helpful, however, you can do it by yourself as I did and I'm NOT a serious, or skilled mechanic. Great product from helpful & knowlgable staff. Can't say enough good stuff about them folks at M.O.R.E."

Jeep Forum

"After installing the 1" body lift we were very satisfied with the extra 1" of lift we needed to accommodate the 33" tires project Willy's is being outfitted with. Like I said before the quality and craftsmanship M.O.R.E. provided us was outstanding. By far the most complete and best built 1" body lift system on the market."

"In closing, M.O.R.E. left no stone overturned when they designed this rear bumper. The welds are flawless, the engineering perfect, the departure angles and functionality are superior. So, whether you have a TJ or an FJ, if you’re in the market for a really sexy bumper that will take a lot of abuse, give the folks at Mountain Off Road Enterprises a call."


"This is a great kit to give you that extra inch! Very easy to install and works and looks great! However after completing this install it really sent my factory transfer case linkage out of whack, even after installing their bracket that came with the kit. I fixed that with a cable shifter kit. Other than that, if your looking to do a belly up or just clear those slightly larger tires you can't go wrong with this kit."

Jeep Forum